A Day Through the Eyes of a Child

What does a typical day look like to a First Path Montessori child?
Children are grouped in learning rooms according to their age and class names. However, different aged children have the opportunity to play together at various times of the day such as play times in the shared learning areas indoors and outdoors.


Children are warmly greeted as they enter the classrooms. They are invited to self – register and engage with child lead learning and choice activities before the morning circle time.

Circle time is an important part of the day. It helps children connect to the classroom community and incorporates day of the week, seasons, story times, discussions, show and tell, news telling and introduction to the day.

FPM Programme

According to the age and stage of development of the children, teachers prepare the environment and children follow individual learning with the Montessori method. Classrooms are set up with didactic materials and activities, as well as art corner, book corner and quiet space (Peace Corner). The FPM programme runs throughout the morning until lunch time.

Snack & Lunch Time

Wherever possible and according to the age of the children, they are invited to be fully involved with preparation of snacks, laying the table and clearing away afterwards. We aim towards independence and will encourage children but always give support where needed.

Quiet Period

After lunch, children are invited to rest. Some children may need to nap and others may only require a quite rest with a book. We work alongside parents to accommodate each child’s sleep and rest needs.

Home Time

For some children, Home Time will be after lunch or rest. They will be gently woken to prepare for home. However, for those who are enrolled for the afternoon programme they may sleep for longer.

Afternoon Programme

For those children staying on for the afternoon care, they are allocated to the planned afternoon activities according to the Weekly Schedule.

A light snack will be offered around mid-afternoon, after then to the second round of activities before the end of the day

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