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What Sets Our Nursery Apart?

First Path Montessori Early Childhood Center was founded on the belief that high-quality, authentic Montessori education can truly change the world when delivered with passion, integrity, and vision. The center honours the work and research of the esteemed Dr. Maria Montessori, who transformed early childhood education with her observations and discoveries of the 'Sensory Periods,' the 'Absorbent Mind,' and the use of didactic learning apparatus. Our rational is to provide authentic Montessori early childhood education where every child can thrive and reach their full potential.

Every child is respected, valued and treated as a unique individual

Activities and lessons are carefully designed to meet the child's developmental needs. In addition to academic education, Montessori also emphasizes physical, emotional, and social exercises.

Our children enjoy freedom within limits

The classrooms have specific ground rules that assist children in learning self-discipline, self-regulation, concentration, and motivation.

Our Montessori resources are designed with multiple learning styles in mind

Our Montessori classrooms support children in self-correction and self-assessment, with a focus on hands-on learning tools that are made from natural materials and real-life objects.

Montessori cultivates a love of learning

We nurture children’s curiosity, keep them engaged, and cultivate a natural drive to explore and learn more about the people and the world around them as they grow up.

We prepare children for School

We prepare children with the knowledge and skills to confidently transition to any school setting, leading to the enhancement of their literacy, numeracy, executive function, and social skills.

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