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    Welcome to First Path Montessori

    Welcome to First Path Montessori, where your child's journey begins with boundless opportunities, care, and a nurturing environment. At First Path Montessori, we understand that each child is born with their own dreams, interests, and passions. Our mission is to help them discover their full potential, well-being, and happiness through an inspiring educational program that combines the best of Montessori with global early years practices.

    Here's why Parents Make us their #1 Choice!

    Montessori Approach Child-Initiated Learning Foundations of Learning (8 AM - 1 PM) Skill Kids Enrichment Programme (1 PM - 6 PM) Safe Learning Environment

    Our core philosophy revolves around the Montessori method, where children experience hands-on, self-directed learning. In our child-centered Montessori environment, your child will have the freedom to make choices, develop independence, and gain academic fluency

    At First Path Nursery, we are committed to child-initiated learning. Our curriculum is designed to be flexible and responsive, directly shaped by your child's interests and curiosities. Projects emerge from what excites and engages our little learners, fostering a deep love for learning.

    Our core curriculum, running from 8 AM to 1 PM, forms the foundation of your child's educational experience. Following the Montessori method, this program is centered on hands-on, self-directed learning, providing children the freedom to make choices, build independence, and gain academic proficiency. It's the heart of their academic journey at First Path Montessori.


    In our Skill Kids Enrichment Programme, your child's journey continues beyond the core curriculum. From 1 PM to 6 PM, we provide a diverse array of activities, allowing students to explore and develop their unique talents, whether in the arts, sports, or academics. Our dedicated educators foster growth, ensuring every child's potential is fully realized.

    At First Path Montessori, we prioritize your child's safety. Our dedicated educators ensure a secure and caring environment where your child can thrive. Explore our transportation facility, making it easier for your child to embark on this exciting educational journey.


    First Path Montessori
    Where Anything is Possible for Your Child


    At First Path Montessori, we nurture the belief that 'anything is possible.' We ignite out-of-the-box thinking, inspiring young minds to explore their boundless imagination, stepping beyond the confines of the present into a world of limitless possibilities.

    Contact us to book a tour and explore our wonderful Montessori environment. Let's embark on this educational journey together, shaping the future of your child, and enjoy our special Pink October discount.

    Don't miss the opportunity to secure your child's place for Term 1 at First Path Montessori. Embrace a nurturing and inspiring educational journey that celebrates uniqueness and creativity.

    Parents trust first path montessori for their child



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