Enrichment Programme With Light Meal

The achievement of distinctive success among children as learners hinges on the establishment of robust fundamentals cultivated right from infancy. For this reason, we are dedicated to fostering the growth of all child’s capabilities and talents. This commitment is exemplified through our Enrichment Programme in Dubai, designed to impart essential values such as respect, self-discipline, and independence to children. Our aim is to equip them comprehensively, ensuring they are prepared for a lifetime of learning. A glimpse of the programs we provide includes:

Future Kids

In the Foundation Stage, young learners are introduced to the concept of early entrepreneurship through the integration of mathematical skills, understanding of money, and strategies related to buying and selling. These experiences serve to instill a deep comprehension of the significance and value of money. A diverse array of activities is presented to children, fostering critical thinking about their passions and areas of proficiency, as well as identifying areas where they might require guidance and assistance.

The Story Lady

At First Path Montessori, join dynamic, interactive Storytelling sessions with props like hats and scarves, bringing stories to life. Children become characters, nurturing empathy and understanding through self-identification.


While music is integrated into our weekly curriculum, we provide additional opportunities for children eager to delve into playing instruments. External music classes are offered on a weekly basis to cater to these interests.


Kids can enhance coordination and fitness through engaging Zumba sessions. Zumba makes healthy living enjoyable, seamlessly integrating fitness into children’s lives.


Cultivating well-being is greatly aided by relaxation and mindfulness. Teaching children breath control and concentration significantly bolsters self-regulation and helps them manage even the stresses that young ones may encounter.

PM ECC presents an afternoon program blending diverse extracurricular and enriching activities for full-day and registered afternoon care students.

Certain activities, led by our educators, are complimentary for full-day students. Meanwhile, we collaborate with external providers for activities like Ballet, Dance, Football, Gymnastics, Music lessons, etc., catering to interested parents.

For participants of the afternoon program, a nutritious snack is provided.

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