Sensorial Development Activities

“The human hand, delicate and complex, unveils the mind, and connects with its world. We might even say that man “takes possession of his environment with his hands”. Maria Montessori 

The area of Sensorial Development is based on developing and refining the senses which is one of the pillars of the Montessori method; to learn and absorb the world through the senses. Therefore, in the Montessori method, we consider not only the 5 typical senses but 9 in total;

olfactory, the sense of smell;

tactile, the sense of touch;

auditory, the sense of hearing;

gustatory, the sense of taste;

thermic, the sense of temperature;

baric, the sense of weight;

kinesthetic, the sense of muscle or body awareness;

visual, the sense of sight including, form, dimension and chromatic – the sense of color

sterognostic, or tactile gnosis, the sense of touch without sight

By setting up an environment rich in sensorial materials and holistic exercises, the child becomes primed to embrace mathematical and linguistic concepts. Elevate your child’s connection with the world through sensorial development, fostering heightened awareness.

These activities can be beneficial for children's overall cognitive, physical, and emotional development. Here are some sensorial development activities suitable for different age groups:
  1. Texture Exploration 
  2. Sensory Bins 
  3. Sound Recognition 
  4. Scented Playdough 
  5. Taste Testing 
  6. Blindfolded Touch 
  7. Color Sorting 

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