Skill kids- A Uniquely Designed Programme for Children

We are proud to offer skill kids a uniquely designed Programme aimed at helping all types of learners develop holistically. The aim of the Skill Kids programme is to enhance skills in kids, such as dressing and care of clothes, gardening and care of plants, den making, cooking, and recycling. These important skills increase a child’s independence and self – esteem, thinking skills and cooperation. Additionally, it enhances important moments in a child’s life, creating memories through authentic experiences. Each child will use their imagination and create their own world and experiences. They are free to play, imagine, be creative, think, test, try, fail, succeed, interact, and socialize. This bespoke enrichment prepares the child holistically for future independence and social resilience.

Skill development is offered during the morning as part of the weekly timetable and during the afternoon. It incorporates:

  • Gardening (Planting and growing plants, vegetables, and fruit in our garden)
  • Stitching
  • Dressing Skills
  • Preparing and cooking healthy food
  • Creating art with natural elements and understanding how this helps a child to develop their individual personalit

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