We are now open in Business Bay, Dubai


Early Childhood Center

Free the child’s potential and you will
transform him into the world.


    Early Childhood Center

    Free the child’s potential and you will
    transform him into the world.
      We are now open in Business Bay, Dubai

      Montessori Elements

      The Montessori method is at the heart of everything we do. We pledge to address each individual child with dedicated care, compassion and kindness.
      Prepared Environment

      The Prepared Environment


      Practical Life


      Cultural Topics


      Sensorial Development

      Language Developement

      Language Development

      Business Bay Nursery Options

      Math Development


      Our Age Groups

      Babies to 6 years old.
      The first path montessori baby unit is specially designed to foster a smooth transition from home to nursery. It is one of the best nursery schools in Dubai. Replicating a home away from home, babies and early walkers are nurtured with high-quality individualized care: following each child’s routine and stage of development.

      For the youngest babies, the program involves important 1 on 1 time with ‘Key Persons’ to facilitate bonding, the essential first stage of cognitive growth and development, with activities such as peek a boo, finger / hand games, messy play, and tummy time.

      Heuristic Play, Posting Boxes, Duvet Dancing, music, tapping, and books come into play as newborns start to physically grow, such as when crawling and sitting.

      Push-and-pull toys, transporting activities, and role-playing games are included to the Practical Life programme as our babies start taking their first steps. For this age group, the learning room is not be dominated by tables and chairs, as learning takes place mostly on the floor and space is essential to crawl and explore. Low height mirrors and a low table and chairs are included for feeding times. Soft protective flooring and a cozy corner to snuggle is be included and babies have a dedicated sleep room.
      Busy Toddlers can now fully immerse themselves into the Practical Life Area of the Montessori programme. The prepared environment still replicates a home away from home, as toddlers get involved with transferring, transporting, polishing, and tidying up. However, important messy play, Heuristic Play and Block Play will be integrated into the Montessori programme. The toddler’s day will also include a significant amount of singing, story time, and music.

      This age group needs plenty of space to move, as learning takes place through exploring the continuous provision of their learning environment. Low tables are be provided as the toddlers begin to sit for activities and snack. A cosy corner is prepared with access to books and soft resources, where children can enjoy quiet time and relax.
      With the Pre - FS age group, we begin to see a balance between child led and teacher led learning. This is typically the age and stage of the Montessori programme where the Sensorial and Cultural Areas are introduced and help to build on all the skills gained with the Practical Life. Language and phonics are also informally introduced (depending on the child’s readiness) as well as mathematical materials.

      The routine of the day also begins to formalize, (to prepare for ‘school readiness’) with morning ‘self – registration’, circle time and an increased adherence to the weekly timetable.

      Arrangement of the environment is still an important factor, as children become more autonomous, independent, and take part in table - top activities and exercises. There are shelves for Practical Life, a space for Culture, Language and Mathematical areas.
      Active learning is still encouraged with FS1 and FS2 children. However, most learning continues to follow the children’s interests, with a focus on child led learning and free exploration of the prepared environment. Teacher directed learning takes place at some parts of the day (to prepare children for ‘school readiness’)and this is facilitated through both individual and small group activities.

      At this age and stage of the Montessori programme, all the areas of learning come together to form a complete, holistic learning for each child: Children experience, explore and learn, language, mathematics, cultural arts, music, geography, early science, and more. They gain independence, autonomy, and academic aptitude, fully prepared for Year 1 in British schools or KG2 in the American system.

      The space for 3 – 5 years includes tables for activities, shelves for the materials, a cozy corner and access to books, carpet area for circle times and discussions, and an interactive smart board for technology -based learning.
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